Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


On Monday 19th March the Race4Life team hosted 70 palliative Care Patients and their families at Hampton Downs Raceway.

There were cars everywhere, racing, prestigious and classic. Motorbikes, trucks, and a helicopter, all did their part to make the day totally sensational for the "precious cargo" who attended. For those who chose to spend more time indoors, a virtual reality game was set up in the pavilion. An all day BBQ was available to the 350 volunteers and supports and a delicious catered meal was thoroughly enjoyed by our special guests (patients). A massive THANK YOU to all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers. This day simply could not happen if it were not for the kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit shown by so many. Simply a day of MAGIC!!!

ENJOY the wonderful memories! 



Vaughn Scott Video

Sky Speed - Race4Life Track Day 2018


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What a great day and so much to celebrate.

Race4Life had the honour of over 60 people running for our wonderful cause yesterday at the Auckland Marathon. 

We are so very grateful for the support. This wonderful group did much to promote our profile and to raise funds for our beautiful work.
We had a fabulous BBQ afterwards to celebrate the successes of this fantastic team.

A huge thank you to:
New World Eastridge
Ripe Deli
Fenchurch Liquor Store
Bakers Delight St Heliers
Synthetic Technologies

These loyal businesses provided the crew with delicious food and a well earned drink for our tired crew.

A huge thank you to Helen Day, Jonnie Moore, Shannon Martin, Kathleen James, Rob Hitchin, James Schipper and James Bilkey who did so much to set up and organise the after marathon function.


You are the best



Marathon Campaign 2017

Great to see a good number of team members  at the Launch Party on Thursday 13th July. Our guests learned about the work of the Trust,  through the sharing of some heartwarming stories. Great to see the interest and compassion amongst those who were present. We discussed our fundraising goals and celebrated the fact that there are now 70 members in the team!!

We also have Scott Cottier on board, who is an experienced trainer , ready to help team members to achieve their best results.

Our first training run together has been set for:

Date: Sunday 30th July
Venue: Roberta Park. Glendowie
Time: 10am

Lunch afterwards: Jack Tarr
Address: North Wharf. Viaduct
Time: 12-12.30pm


Anyone who wishes to enter the event and join our  team  need only  click below:

Join our team and become a Race4Life Champion in two simple steps:

1. Register your distance at www.aucklandmarathon.co.nz
2. Join our team fundraising team:

 Get running!!  

Join the Race4Life Team in Auckland’s largest race ever!

We are joining thousands of athletes taking part in ASB Auckland Marathon on 29 th October 2017 to raise awareness and well-needed funds to support Race4Life Trust’s work fulfilling the wishes of patients with life-limiting illnesses throughout New Zealand. 

We are looking for amazing supporters like you to join our team and become a Race4Life Champion, hitting the Auckland streets in trainers instead of wheels on the race-track!   

We will support you every step of the way to achieve your very own bucket-list goals to run either the Full-Marathon, Half-Marathon, 12K Traverse or 5K Fun-run.  The distance is entirely up to you - everybody can take part no matter your fitness level.

Join our team and become a Race4Life Champion in two simple steps:

1.    Register your distance at www.aucklandmarathon.co.nz

2.    Join our team fundraising at https://aucklandmarathon2017.everydayhero.com/nz/race4life-champions

As a Race4Life Champion, we will be in touch with everything you need to know about this upcoming event, training tips, plus help you get started with your fundraising.  Make 2017 YOUR year to race for life!

Thank you for your support.  All funds raised will support the Trust to fulfill the wishes of palliative care patients throughout New Zealand. 


 Earlier this year I had the honour of attending the 10th annual Race4Life Track Day at Hampton Downs. It was my second year and, after experiencing a pretty amazing day the year before, didn’t think it could get much better. But it could, and it did. This year Viv James and her team of countless volunteers pulled out all stops to give 60 New Zealanders living with life-limiting illnesses a great day out. The effort wasn’t unusual, as the needle on Viv’s personal speedometer is often twice the average person’s cruising rate! What changed was my increased appreciation of the many volunteers and sponsors who, some for the 10th year in a row, gave their time, energy and resources to make the day a roaring success.

Race4Life Track Day is run like a well-built and maintained machine. Every element – cars, ‘copter, trucks, motorbikes, volunteers, helmets, safety gear, food, shelters, signs, tee-shirts, consent forms and what have you –  arrived at their allocated place on time. Safety was paramount with several briefings held during the day to refresh new drivers and procedures followed to the ‘dot’. Plus there was an endless supply of food from BBQ breakfast butties to morning snacks, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

The full itinerary from 8am to 4pm included time for briefings, registrations, multiple rides and a yummy lunch complete with celebratory speeches and chocolate cake. Several visitors told me they didn’t know if they were going to make it as hadn’t been feeling well leading up to the event, but once there didn’t have time to feel crook. The Race4Life support crew gave it everything they had and the appreciation from visitors was evident.

“The way the whole day was executed was unbelievable,” said Di Wong from Whangaparoa. “I was on cloud nine and got to go in a helicopter, a race car and - the icing on the cake -  a motorbike which I absolutely loved. I even kissed the rider, Dion, on the back of his neck as a thank you at the end. I was so excited.”

“My 11-year old granddaughter saw a video that included that moment later and asked ‘has Poppa seen this video? Do you think it was a good idea to kiss another man?’ I assured her he was about the same age as her uncle, and one of many volunteers who put a big smile on my face.”

“It was so nice to be with people who showed the positive side of life versus the bad,” said Di, who has since been treated to a Race4Life Wish experience in the South Island. “I’m a very, very lucky old tart.”

Di’s daughter Kim, who accompanied her mum to Track Day was also blown away. “Viv and her wonderful team gave so much of themselves it was humbling,” said Kim, adding that she’s so pleased she attended after her father gave away going to what they all initially thought was a 10-kilometre running event. “We had a superb time together and the experience made me want to be a better person.”

The 10 th anniversary Track Day dawned after days of torrential rain and flooding in the region, but the Race4Life support crew turned up anyway, some driving for hours to get there in time to prepare and greet their visitors. Mother Nature came through, providing overcast but dry conditions for the event, and so did the crew. Closed roads and detours meant nothing for this lot; they just carried on and put on a fantastic day. I guess that’s the thing – Race4Life recognises and celebrates adult New Zealanders dealing with closed roads and detours every day. Turning up and coming together in March showed us that together we can get there and make good things happen.

Paula J 


To celebrate Christmas in style, the Race4Life Trust, held its Christmas Party in the Silk Room at Ellerslie Racecourse’s Event Centre on Sunday December 11th. 250 supporters enjoyed a day packed with entertainment. A gourmet meal was served along with a wonderful selection of New Zealand Wines and Beers. There were 8 races run throughout the day with many of our guests having a flutter on the horses, and not without some luck either!!

A huge thank you to all those who joined us to celebrate a year where we fulfilled the wishes of nearly 100 people new Zealanders. The loyalty shown by our supporters throughout the year has enabled us to grow and to continue to serve the Palliative Care community of New Zealand

It was a wonderful way to finish a fantastic year of growth.

A special thank you, goes to all the sponsors of this event, and all those who contributed to the raffle prizes.  

A DAY TO INSPIRE 2016      

Mark Inglis is a double amputee, who lost his legs through frostbite on Mount Cook in 1982.  On Monday 3rd October Mark held us spellbound as he took us on his journey from this tragic event through to his triumph of climbing to the summit of Mt Everest. Thank you Mark for taking the time to share your extraordinary story with us.

We welcomed 80 guests who represented 7 hospices from the greater Auckland area. Those present were privy to a mix of inspiration, delicious food, drink and floral treats. What a wonderful opportunity to meet with new people, and catch up with old acquaintances. The sharing of stories and experiences created a sense of connectedness and community, a magic formula.

This day was made possible by our generous sponsors and our fantastic team of volunteers.


Paper Plus (Glenfield, Browns Bay, Remuera and Meadowbank) has given Race4Life an opportunity to host a breakfast event, for the launch of Tony Quinn's book "Zero to 60".

The event will be held at Ellerslie Racecourse.

Date:      August 12th 2016

Time:      7am-9am

Tickets:  $89.00 or $890.00 per table

RSVP:     viv@race4life.co.nz

              021 883 669

It was a great morning on Friday 12th August, when 160 people gathered at the Racecourse ‘s Great Northern Room at some ungodly hour for breakfast.

However it was no ordinary breakfast.  Friday morning brought a two hour entertainment package in the form of Tony Quinn, who shared some of his remedies for success. This self -made millionaire has had a fascinating life, propelled by a competitive drive and tenacious attitude. Tony’s book Zero to 60 is well worth the read. Tony Quinn, in his own words would say he is just an ordinary bloke. Yes an ordinary bloke, doing extraordinary things!!

This occasion was a great opportunity to raise the profile and share the work of the Race4Life Trust. We would like to thank all our loyal supporters and those generous businesses that sponsored the event. 

 RACE4LIFE TRACK DAY - 2016     

It is with the luxury of hindsight that we can truly realise how blessed we were, to have had the fine day we did , for the running of the 2016 Race4Life event at Hampton Downs. And what a day it was. Seventy Palliative Care patients from as far north as Wellsford and Hamilton in the South, descended on Hampton Downs on Tuesday 22nd March for the 9 th annual event. This day yet again, gave those with life limiting illness opportunity for high octane thrill rides, a once in a life time treat for many of those involved. The chance to ride in a helicopter, on a Harley, inside a huge Mack truck or to be whizzed around the track in a racing car at speeds over 200kp, was simply a dream come true for Hamish and Austin Taylor. News Hub were present for the day recording the event through the eyes of Hamish and Austin. Do take a look at the video below to hear their story. Patients were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by volunteers and serviced by a team of students from Kristen College. Gough Gough and Hamer provided an all-day BBQ for the 200 volunteers who helped create this magical day. Take a look below at the photos and enjoy the video. Roll on 2017!!  

Thank you to...


The Race4 Life Event is an annual event held at Hampton Downs Raceway in Te Kauwhata.

This amazing event was first run at Pukekohe Raceway in 2008 and involved 15 patients from Mercy Hospice , 18 race cars and the Spit Roast Company.

Today, Race 4 Life is a huge event involving over 70 patients from hospices from all over the greater Auckland area. Patients from Wellsford through to Waikato share a high octane day, with their caregivers and over 200 volunteers. The thrills available on the day include  thrill rides on a Harley , helicopter, or a truck, as well as a choice of rides in race cars or luxury/prestige cars.The day is magical and filled with million smiles. 

"The day was amazing and one of the highlights of my year. I can't wait until next year!" - Belinda, Patient

"Our patients have also offered their thanks - they said it was beyond their wildest imagination - their smiles that went from ear to ear said it all." Catherine Spence, Hospice West Auckland

"I was privileged to accompany a patient to the Race for Life Track Day at Hampton Downs race track. The many volunteers and sponsors of this day did a wonderful job ensuring everyone's comfort and safety and it was a joy to behold the happy faces of patients who challenged themselves to go on rides in a helicopter, on Harley Davidson motorcycles, racing cars, classic cars and big trucks. Everyone was also treated to a superb lunch and felt really well looked after. So to Viv with her vision, initiative and drive and all of the people who got behind her donating all their time and their vehicles for this amazing day, congratulations and humble thanks." - Ann Linton, NZ Herald's Rant & Rave column

Thank you to our sponsors...


Tony Christiansen, was special guest at a function, A DAY TO INSPIRE, held at the Orakei Bay Convention Centre on Monday 5th October.

Tony has no legs , a result of a train accident at the age of 9. Guests were totally inspired as he shared his remarkable experiences  and his achievements in life. He encouraged his audience to set their own challenges, rather than accept the limitations imposed by their own attitudes and other people's perceptions.

 A very powerful presentation. Thank you Tony.

“Thank you for the lovely day I had out Viv.  I asked  God to send me angels in disguise today and I realized  that my prayer was answered. I sit at home with tears of joy because I have a new lease on life. That I CAN do anything. I wasnt supposed to see xmas, New Years and my 30th was a definite no. Well last year my family and I spent what was supposed to be my last xmas this year my last New Year and the 20th of this month will be my 30th. Sometimes people who are well dont realize that its not the disease that kills you or the pain? Its the mere sitting on death row WAITING to die that pains me the most. Sure I physically suffer swollen body, terrible pain, immobility and the rest but the what hurts the most is the sadness and grief that I don't care about living in this body of mine. Today  Viv you helped me change that by inviting me.  I thank you for allowing me to live with peace Xxx” - Andrew, Patient Mercy Hospice, Auckland

Thank you to our sponsors...